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Receive $10 off an Energetic Lymphatic Release (VMLD) session (normal price $120) or save $60 on a package of 3 sessions (3 for $300).

Not to be used with any other offer or discount. Please mention this offer at the time of booking.

Client testimonials after receiving Energetic Lymphatic Release (VMLD):

‘Following my first session with Melia I feel calmer, free in my body and mind, as though my body has released weight and old emotions. My spine feels aligned and I have felt a shift in the parts of my body that are feeling pain and tension.’

‘I feel lighter and clear-headed’

‘I remember crying and laughing, there was such a release during the process. I felt ecstatic afterwards’


Would you like to feel lighter and clearheaded?

Do you need more flow, ease and joy in your life?

Perfect for people with busy minds, anxiety, stuck grief and lack of flow, this is a great way of clearing the past and moving fully into the present moment in body and mind.

Your lymphatic system is an essential component to your good health and an Energetic Lymphatic Drainage session can help get everything moving again, whether it is releasing stored toxins, waste materials or emotions within the body.

This technique is very relaxing to receive, and each session is tailored specifically to your body and it’s needs. The method involves gentle movement that encourages emotions to be released and interstitial fluid is gently moved from your muscle tissue to your lymphatic system.

The VMLD technique is a part of The BodyTalk System method of healthcare, which seeks to restore health and balance to the body by increasing communication and connection between your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Melia is an experienced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner who assists people in rediscovering their inner peace, balance and connection within themselves.