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We’re an Ethical Marketplace

The Margaret River Trading Co is a social values start-up, est. December 2018. We’re the new ethical marketplace for the Margaret River Region of Western Australia, offering local artisan products that are aligned with helping preserve our biodiverse Regions for future generations.

For the Margaret River Region

We’re all about supporting local for sustainability – financially and environmentally. We’re more ‘eco-mmerce’ than e-commerce as we immerse our business into the local economy for all to benefit. Many of our local artisans are inspired by the Region they live in. They’re connected to community, the land, and naturally strive for ethical, conscious, eco, organic, handmade and recycled products. Which is part of our biggest reason for being – to help preserve our bio-diverse Regions and our Planet. With ethical consumerism and marketplace shopping on the rise, it’s the perfect platform to showcase Margaret River quality that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Offering a low-risk additional sales channel

The Margaret River Region retail industry is highly seasonal tourism reliant. It’s important to boost our local economy in additional ways. With a convenient one-stop shop marketplace to find genuine Margaret River products, we provide the 1.4 million annual visitors to our Region the opportunity to continue purchasing products they love, and to discover new ones, when not visiting. With so much on offer here, it’s much more convenient to have one place to shop. The exposure to a wider audience also assists new brands. As a low-risk e-commerce option, with in person, local assistance, it’s an affordable additional sales channel and good opportunity for any business and a great start for new ones.

Showcasing local products on a level playing field

We champion local artists, artisans, makers and producers that are 50%+ locally owned, located in our Regions and produce locally with locally-sourced materials and ingredients – where available! Our talented creators are on a whole other level than mass-produced, overseas product. With their own platform, we level the playing field for them. We also educate and promote supporting local – shopping where your heart is (where you live) and where you visit to support living a more sustainable life.

Turning that frown from buying online, upside down

We’re here to help boost the local economy, not take from it. We’re keen to turn that frown from more buying online, right upside down. We’re not e-commerce as you know it, but eco-mmerce. That little difference is part of our biggest reason for being – creating a more sustainable world for all our children. With a local-focussed marketplace you know it’s not mass-produced or from overseas and more of the dollars stay in the local community. With any seasonal or retail downturn, it’s the businesses that have a strong ecommerce presence that can not only survive, but thrive. It’s ok to buy online, as the in-store shopping experience in beautiful tourism towns isn’t going away, just know where your purchases are made if you want to support local more.