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4 Quininup Rd Yallingup WA 6282

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Our name House of Cards was inspired by the gamble
that winemakers and growers take every vintage – you have to
play the hand that you are dealt.

House of Cards is owned and operated by Travis and Elizabeth Wray.
We are personally involved with every single aspect; from growing the grapes
through to winemaking, bottling, marketing and the selling of our wine.

All fruit used to make House of Cards wine comes from our single vineyard
situated on iconic Caves Road at the Northern end of the Margaret River
Wine Region in Western Australia. As our fruit comes from only one origin
you can taste the unique terroir of the House of Cards Vineyard. Each vintage
of our wines showcase the hand that we were dealt from Mother Nature.
Making handcrafted, single vineyard wines of exceptional quality is the sole
priority of House of Cards. As we grow the grapes and make the wine, you
can guarantee House of Cards is a sure bet.
We hope you enjoy our great range of wine.

Travis and Elizabeth Wray

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