Local Advantage (LA) terms & conditions for Members

  1. Please carefully check each offer and any exclusions/disclaimers, which are noted on our website & App.
  2. Proof of Local Advantage membership must be presented at time of purchase or enquiry.
  3. Any business has the right to refuse the discount if used in conjunction with other special offers.
  4. Participating businesses may amend/add exclusions/disclaimers or change their Local Advantage offer or participation from time to time. Please check in advance to avoid disappointment.
  5. The membership is valid for the subscriber and anyone else associated within the terms and conditions set by each provider.
  6. Memberships are non transferable.
  7. Members must abide by any restrictions determined by each individual provider and follow the conditions set by them.
  8. Photographic ID may be required at the discretion of each individual provider in conjunction with your membership.
  9. Proof of Membership must be presented upon redemption of discount even if pre booking has been required.
  10. All participating providers have the discretion to change their discounts and offers, in relation to the scheme at any time.
  11. Local Advantage does not guarantee any of the products or services offered by providers participating in the scheme.
  12. We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to cancel a membership and the benefits of its use from any person who does not conform with the terms and conditions or who does not abide by arrangements related to the scheme including any abuse or misuse of staff, facilities or equipment.

Local Advantage (LA) terms & conditions for Providers

The “Website” means https://localadvantage.com.au provided that Local Advantage (LA) reserves the right to change the URL of the particular Website from time to time and the definition of “Website” includes any replacement URLs during the Term.

The “Provider” is the Company or Person so defined in the application form.

  • To be eligible for the free advertising offer the Provider must meet the following:
    • Display Local Advantage branding/ stickers in a prominent place for customers
    • Ensure all staff are trained on how to process offer redemptions and know about Local Advantage
  • Multiple offers may be advertised – fees may apply.
  • The Provider must provide a 12 month year round offer to Local Advantage which will run for a minimum of 12 months and changes may be made with 30 days notice thereafter.
  • The Offer can by agreement with LA be withdrawn or varied at any time – administration fees may apply.
  • LA reserves a final right to reject or cancel any offer or remove any promotion of an offer from the website & app at Local Advantage’s sole discretion and without liability to the Provider.
  • LA makes no guarantee of revenue to the provider as the result of participation in the scheme.
  • A 21 day goodwill acceptance will be given to members after the advert is removed from the website.
  • LA shall have absolute freedom in determining which offers it will allow onto the Website. The Provider acknowledges that LA gives the provider no protection against proximity of competitive products.
  • The Provider warrants that the offer (and where applicable the Provider´s website if linked to the Website):
    • will not infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party or infringe any other agreement or arrangement
    • will not be defamatory or derogatory to any third party or be offensive;
    • will not be prejudicial to the image of LA or the website;
    • is free from any viruses and will not cause an adverse effect on the operation of the web-site or otherwise prevent the website being available to customers.
  • Membership validity will be checked and only valid members will be accepted to redeem offers.
  • The Offer can be subject to terms and conditions of use but these must be agreed with Local Advantage and strictly adhered to by the Provider and the discount must be delivered as advertised.