We invite you to submit an application for a simple and engaging way to raise money for your school, charity, sports club or community group.

Local Advantage is a unique digital (App) membership program that gives South West residents unlimited access to exclusive offers & discounts for just $49 per year. We are locally owned and operated and currently have 230+ local business offers/ discounts on the program that can all be used again and again.

How fundraising works:

1. Your fundraiser will be given a unique ‘coupon code’ and every purchase made on the Local Advantage app using this code will generate $12 for your cause (minimum 10 sales to qualify).

2. Super simple system, no cash or stock handling! Once your fundraiser period has ended we simply tally up the results and deposit the lump sum into your account.

Once your application has been approved we will work with you to help make your fundraiser a success with flyers and posters etc.

SUPPORT the community that supports you – All offers on the Local Advantage program are based in South West WA and as every offer can be used over & over again it represents great value for the members and drives the all important repeat customers for local businesses.

How to apply to become a Local Advantage fundraiser:

Send us an email and tell us:

– The name of your organisation.
– Your contact details.
– Details of your event or fundraising goals (dates, info & number of people in        attendance etc).

** Please note you must be authorised within your group to arrange this fundraiser.**

Let's get started