Our Motto: Keep it Local. Explore. Save Money.


The Local Advantage program is designed so that everyone involved benefits; members save and feel rewarded AND business owners have a free marketing tool to attract and connect with our members to increase their revenue.

I am originally from a very small community in the Lake District in England and my parents always emphasised and demonstrated the importance of supporting local business. These days we hear the ‘support local’ cry so often we can forget why it is so important. We have chosen the Southwest as our home and we want to enjoy the unique character and offerings of independent businesses. When you purchase from locally-owned businesses more money is kept in the local community as locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses, and trades and service providers. Therefore, spending your money at local businesses supports other local business which in turn stimulates the local economy. Hooray! 

Louise Robinson – Local Advantage Founder & Director 

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