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15% off a new or existing home energy assessment*

The proposal is to provide the Thermal Energy rating of an existing home to provide a point of difference in a sale, or to help decide which home to buy.

Conditions of Offer

15% off the base price of $300 + GST for existing houses, or the base price $250 + GST for Proposed dwellings.
Unlimited offer for existing dwellings but valid one per financial year for proposed dwellings.
Software assessment relies on a minimum set of house plans on PDF to scale. If plans need to be drawn up there is no discount for this service as it will run through a third party.

About this service

The aim of the Thermal Energy Rating is to provide a base rating to see how well the house performs without the need for Aircon or wood fires. The higher the star rating the better the house is at maintaining a comfortable temperature. This has a flow-on effect of making the running cost of the house lower. My service is to provide a point of difference in the real estate market for clients who are conscious of their impact on the environment and want to reduce bills at the same time.

This offer is only available to valid Local Advantage members